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Roofing Contractors Plymouth Michigan

Roofing Contractors Plymouth Michigan

These roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan offer a huge selection of contracting services, not just roof-related. They offer services like roofing, siding, gutters, porches, masonry, insulation, windows and kitchen/baths – so regardless of what you need, they can handle it at affordable prices, with reasonable turnarounds and with the utmost care to detail and professionalism.

But it’s not just the price and quality of service that recommend these roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan, it’s also the amazing jobs they do – testimony to which stand past customers who are always willing to show their appreciation for what a great job Home Pros Plymouth have done on their home. Visit their website to get more details and read some of these testimonials in case you’re not fully convinced that they’re the guys for the job. Follow the links in this post to go there and you’ll find contact info for them, the testimonials and plenty of other resources and service details, depending on what you need specifically.

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How to Find the Best Roofing Service Near Your House in Plymouth, Michigan

Roofing in Michigan is no joke. Our unique combination of extremely good and extremely bad weather can put your roof through the wringer. Cracked and wind-sheared shingles, dropped tree branches, and piled snow are only a glimpse of what each roof in Plymouth, MI goes through every year. So it’s no wonder that most homeowners have a favorite local roofer on-call for post-storm inspections and repairs. But if you don’t have one yet, or you’ve recently needed to find a new roofer, it can be challenging to make the right choice.

Each home is unique; from the neighborhood you’re built in to the exact details of your roof. So the right roofer will depend on your region, home design, and your personal preferences as the homeowner. To find the best roofing service near your home in Plymouth Michigan, you’ll want to do a little research first. Don’t worry, it’s not hard at all. Let’s dive right into the process of finding the local roofer you’ll like best.

Search for “Roofing Near Me”

Finding a nearby roofer pretty much always starts with an online search. Google is much more reliable than the yellow pages because it comes with a live feed of customer reviews so you can sort your local roofers by both distance and community reputation.

The search engine is designed to know where you are, so your best bet is to start with a “Roofing near me” search which will bring up all the local roofers who are registered online in a radius around your home.

– Check Google Maps

Start with Google Maps. Click the map in your search results and the page will jump over the Maps web app showing a larger and more detailed list of the roofers in your area. You should also have a clear view of their general ‘star’ rating and can see exactly far each one is from your home.

This is your best tool for picking the absolute closest roofers, but Google ratings can’t always tell you everything. Some businesses are well-liked but have no online ratings yet, unfortunately, there are a few scam roofing companies who won’t balk at a few fake reviews. So you’ll want to look a little deeper.

– Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Your next stop is the BBB or Better Business Bureau. This is an official organization that rates the reputation of a company based on its by-the-books success. Companies that make money and don’t generate complaints get high ratings (A+) while companies that are in debt or do generate complaints get lower ratings (F). Any roofer not in the BBB is not a real local company, so you can sort them out right now.

Everyone left, arrange by BBB rating in addition to Google stars.

Roof Contractor Plymouth MI

Pick Your Top 5 Roofers Nearby

Now that you’ve got a side-by-side ranking of local roofers, pick your top five. Everyone should start with a choice of roofers so that you have options if the first team you interview isn’t for you. Some roofers are more communicative, some are more matter-of-fact. Some specialize in luxury roof types, some focus on heavy-duty performance. So picking 5 local roofers to call is your best bet for finding the best roofer for your home.

– Closest to Your House

Start with the radius, Prioritize roofers whose offices are close by so you know they’re not driving far out to your home. A roofer near you can make scheduling easier and faster than contracting with a roofer a few dozen miles away.

– High Rating

Compare your finalists in their general rating in online reviews. Search for each company by name and see what the internet has to say.

– Long History of Service

Try to find out how long each roofing company has been providing service. A long history of service to the community stands on its own merits while brand new companies are far more likely to be pickup-truck scams meant to prey on homeowners after a storm. The longer a roofing crew has been in business locally, the more tied they are to the community and the more experience they have with Michigan roofing needs.

Compare Online Reviews & Testimonies

Next, investigate what your fellow homeowners have to say about your finalist roofers. You can learn a lot from the details in reviews and testimonials about how you’ll enjoy working with each roofing company. How they talk to customers, how they handle a project, and how they clean up after a job can really matter. But you don’t just want to check Google reviews. There are actually three places you should check to read reviews and testimonials on a roofing company you’re considering.

– Google Reviews

It’s only natural to start with the reviews readily available on Google. These will be easily browsable from Google Maps where you identified your nearby roofers in the first place. Browse through the reviews and be sure to read both the very best and the very worst of the bunch. Use your own judgment on whether reviews are genuine.

– Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a special reviewing site just for home and business services like plumbing, roofing, HVAC, construction, and so on. It’s like the Yelp for field services and you can absolutely find some useful information about your local Plymouth roofers by searching for them on the List. Compare reviews you find here with those you found on Google.

– On-Site Testimonies

Then head over to the websites of each of your candidates. In general, don’t judge a roofer by their web design, but do judge them by their testimonials. Most roofing sites feature customer testimonials somewhere, and these can give you some interesting insights. Though they are hand-picked to share by the company, the details can be enlightening as to how the team works and what they are proud to show off.

Call and Ask for Quotes

Anyone who survived the review round is ready to be called for quotes. You cannot get an accurate idea of roof project pricing without getting a quoted estimate. The reason for this is, as we said, every Michigan roof is different. The location, size, and design of your home and the details of the damage will all determine how much your roofing will cost.

So you will need to call to explain your situation and get a generalized quote. Most roofers will want to send an inspector to look at your roof and get a truly accurate idea of the work and materials needed for the job.

– Compare Quotes

Get the inspections and the quotes. You’ll need them to compare the deal you’re getting and choose the best roofer. Once you have quotes, look at them carefully. Not every roofer charges for the same things, or calculates costs in the same way. Compare how the charges work as well as the number on the bottom line.

A roofer who appears to be charging more might be giving you a more honest flat rate without stacking fees, or a roofer who appears to be charging less may be leaving off cleanup fees or certain materials.

– Consider Extras & Customer Care

Speaking of cleanup, you also want to compare what services, extras, and customer care you are getting with each quote. Look for a roofer that provides clean-up and has a good reputation for pristine post-roofing work areas. Look for roofers that provide consultations, have a good reputation for customer communication, and who you felt you could talk to.

Pick the Best Roofer near Your Plymouth Home

Finally, use everything you have collected to guide your decision toward the best roofer for your Plymouth MI home. The best roofer near you will be whoever is closest, offers the best package deal, and who works with you in a way that you can enjoy. For more information about how to make this important decision or determine the needs of your roof, contact us today!

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