When you live in the beautiful area of Southgate Michigan you know that the weather is part of the beauty with it’s four full seasons to enjoy. That means that the Winter is going to have a lot of snow and the Fall will have high winds and Spring into Summer comes with long days of humidity.  The beauty of the seasons brings weather that can wreak havoc on the strongest of roofs and roofing materials.

When you suspect that your roof may have a leak or you see shingles missing and damage to the ice dam on the eaves of your roof, it’s time to contact the premier roofing contractor in the area, Downriver Roofers.

They have been in business for over 20 years, locally, in Michigan.  The licensed, bonded, insured technicians at Downriver Roofers have the expertise in roofing and the best products to build, repair or install a roof.  They only use the top rated brands like GAF and CertainTEED.

Do you know that an annual inspection of your roof can save you money in the life of your home or commercial building roof by easily identifying any repair or areas of wear that could need attention.


It’s as simple as calling Downriver Roofers to schedule a complimentary inspection of your roof! Working with a professional contractor is easy and keeps you safe on the ground instead of up on the ladder and roof.

You can get started now by calling to schedule your roof inspection at (734) 548 – 9919 or visit them on the web:


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