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My experience with roofing repair in Downriver Michigan.

When it comes to the house, which is a home and place of security, comfort and fun for the family, the roof is so important.

What began as a small mark went unattended to and subsequently grew into a larger mark that was more noticeable.

It started as a wee bit of brown tone stain on the ceiling. Then the seasons came and went, life moved on. Busy. Scheduled. Seasons. Celebrations. Now in quarantine life the stain has either grown bigger or I have had more down time to notice that it’s bigger?

Either way and no matter what happened when, as a mom, I want my home to be a sanctuary of comfort and safety for my family.

So faced with roof repair? At the beginning I didn’t even know what was wrong or where to start. So I went to someone I trust. I contacted Allpoint Construction in Downriver Michigan for the first step of getting an inspection on the roof. Was I scared? Sure. I was worried about the cost, the time, the mess the insurance hassle and out of pocket expense. But that didn’t matter after speaking to Allpoint Construction.

It was easy. They came out, climbed up on the roof, in the roof, over the roof and then checked on the inside as well as the outside and found the source of the problem.

I was given a written quote with an estimate and details of what products were needed to repair and what the labor costs would be along with a time frame that work could be started and completed. They assured me that they are licensed, bonded, insured and experienced in roof repair, installation and maintenance.

It was easy from then on out.

You can get started with Allpoint Construction and roofing repair in Downriver Michigan today too by calling (734) 407-7110 or visit them on the web at:


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