Michigan summers are beautiful and a perfect time to schedule any needed maintenance on your roof. The best way to get started is with a complimentary roof inspection to assess any damage and what type of repair will be needed. If the roof needs to be replace or a new one installed, you can trust that this is more than a diy project and it’s time to contact a professional contractor to complete the job to local and state building code.

That’s where Allpoint Construction comes in and you can trust a professional with 20 years in the industry and working locally in Plymouth begins.

Allpoint Construction is your “go to” roofing installation experts when it comes to hiring on an experienced contractor with the expertise in local Michigan roofing concerns such as severe winter weather, leak proof and weight load capacity of a roof while looking stylish.

Plymouth Michigan when you work with Allpoint, you have a crew of licensed, bonded, insured professionals who have the building technique and professionalism to accomplish excellent work in a quick turn around.

Allpoint Construction provides a written detailed estimate of labor cost and material cost along with a timeline of completion. Materials come with a warranty and work comes with a 100% guarantee. So what are you waiting for!

Get started now by calling (734) 548-9911 or visit them on the web at

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