Downriver Michigan – when would now be a good time to get your annual inspection and maintenance done on your residential and commercial roofs?
Why have an annual inspection and maintenance for your roof?  This is why:
Shingle Replacement

Have you noticed a shingle missing? If one is missing more are loose and the flashing exposed is more susceptible to tears and leaks. Having a simple repair of replacing shingles with GAF Advance Protection shingles or Timberline products means you are protecting your home investment as well as saving on winter energy costs.

Bald Shingles

The UV rays of the sun and strong weather conditions like heavy rain and wind can wear away the granules on an asphalt shingle that reflect sun rays and protect the roof flashing. These granules help save on energy consumption. Age and wear are usually the reasons shingles go bald and lose the granules. This is a sign it’s time for repair and possibly replacement.

Gutter Damage

If the gutter has pulled away from the eave of the roof it may be damaged from weight of debris or come loose from it’s anchored  position during the original installation. This is a sign that you need to have a professional roofing service performed on the roof. Annual maintenance on the roof and gutter system can help the anchor hold it’s position longer.  Routine cleaning of the gutters can alleviate the weight of wet leaves stuck in the gutter or any ice dams that form in the winter.

Now is the best time to get an appointment scheduled before the Michigan winter kicks into full swing and any repairs need to be done in snow filled conditions.
At Downriver Roofers, the #1 rated roofing contractor in the area, using GAF and Timberline are standard in all builds and repairs. Your roof may have hidden vermin entry points that in rain and snow will begin to exacerbate leaks and cause more damage to the roof.
You won’t know until it’s a big project to repair. Unless, you get a roofing inspection done now. Don’t wait!
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