Roofing services in Livonia Michigan are easy to schedule when you work with the licensed, bonded, insured roofing technician professionals at Allpoint Construction.  Your roof is the crown jewel of the home and from a distance the curb appeal can improve your home’s salability and worth.

So how to get started with roofing services?

Getting started starts with a phone call to schedule an inspection. The inspection includes having a roofing technician come to the home, use a ladder to go up to inspect closely the condition of the roof shingles, roof eaves, the gutter and struts that attach to the roof, look for vermin damage and possible leaks.

Scheduling a professional to do this is safer than having you or a family member go up on the roof because the roofing technician knows what common Michigan roof damage looks like and can easily identify it versus an untrained eye unsteady on the roof top not knowing what exactly to look for.

What if my room has no damage?

If you have a concern, and the roofing technician does not find major damage and need for repair, it can be a simple scheduling of routine maintenance or if there truly is no problem with the roof, leaving it alone and scheduling a follow up inspection in 6 months.

Allpoint Construction provides a free written estimate with the inspection and if there is nothing that needs repair, you can trust that they will not create a problem to fix to bill you. They have been in business for over 20 years and are a trusted member of the Michigan roofing community. If they do find vermin entry points or damage, loose shingles, or balding shingles, rusted gutter struts or a need to have the gutters cleaned, a follow up appointment for repair will be schedule when it fits your calendar.

Working with Allpoint Construction for your roofing services in Livonia is like having a friend in the roofing business. Get started now with a phone call (248) 525-6950  or use this link to learn more on their website:

Sometimes the peace of mind, knowing you have had a trusted roofing services provider inspect your roof – even if there is no damage found, is worth the cost of worry in not knowing if there is a leak growing inside the roof flashing that you don’t know about until it’s too late to repair and needs to be replaced.

Get started with Allpoint Construction today, you’ll be glad you did!


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