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Snow & Ice Control | Downriver MI with Cutting Edge

Snow and ice control in Downriver Michigan is going to be a hot topic come this cold winter. Why? Because back in 1818 when the first publication was created and named the Farmers’ Almanac to today, it has been a timeless and trusted source of long-range weather predictions. When this honorable publication is saying that Michigan is in for an intense winter, it’s worth noting and believing.

What have you done in the previous winters for snow and ice control?

If in past winters you have done your own snow removal and ice control consider making a change for this winter. It’s possible that in previous cold seasons you have been able to do your own shoveling of snow to clear walkways for walking d and driveways for getting the car in and out of the garage. Safety is the first goal for your family and customers at a commercial building. If the weather prediction is correct for this winter season there will be up to ten times more snow and ice than before. There will be no letting up between storms. The time to remove snow and control ice build up will be less than  in the winters of past years.

How you controlled your snow and ice prior to this winter may not work in this season that is coming. There in lies the key. As of right now, you have time to prepare. An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure! When would now be a good time to put a plan in place for how to deal with massive amounts of snow and ice?

How can you prepare for snow and ice control this winter?

Taking action now in the beautiful Michigan Autumn season where all of the tree leaves are changing color and the temperatures are comfortable and enjoyable. You may not see snow or be thinking of snow though it is coming. Right now you can do these simple steps to prepare for snow and ice removal.

3 Steps To Snow and Ice Removal Preparation

1. Create your own map of what your front and back yard looks like. Have 2 copies available – one for you and one for your back up.  On this map you want to mark clearly where your drains, walkways, sprinklers and edges are. In today’s weather you can clearly see where they are. Under a thick blanket of snow you will not be able to tell what is where!

2. Stock up on ice melt now. Have extra road salt ready for your driveway and walk way.

3. Have your snow tools cleaned and sharpened now. A dull shovel makes moving snow that much more difficult.

Those 3 steps will help you this busy winter season though there is one more step that will really enhance your snow and ice control this winter, and that’s contact the professional landscaping company Cutting Edge.  They are licensed, bonded and insured as well as experts in Michigan landscaping.

Getting started is easy and if you want to be at the top of the appointment book after a heavy winter snow storm, establish your customer account now.

Visit Cutting Edge on the web here: https://micuttingedge.com/snow-and-ice-control-downriver-michigan/  or give a call now to schedule your appointment (734) 787-7157.




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