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Snow Plowing – Downriver Michigan | Cutting Edge

Snow! Beautiful snow! The snow is a weather phenomena that is beautiful and powerful as well as abundant in Michigan during the winter. Though, what to do when the beauty fades and now your driveway and sidewalks are blocked? The car is snowed in and when you open the front door, a drift of snow is piled up against it?

You need snow removal!

Yes, this is something that you can do on yourself with a shovel, hours, bag of salt and lots of heavy lifting. This is also something that you can schedule ahead of time with a professional snow removal company to do the snow plowing and heavy lifting for you, like Cutting Edge Landscape & Snow Removal.

Benefits of Snow Removal

  • Stops skidding of your car in the driveway
  • Eliminates moisture damage to your driveway because the snow does not melt into the cracks and then freeze again, widening the cracks
  • Lowers risk of family members or customers slipping and being injured
  • Removing snow also preserves the house foundation as you remove the moisture saturation from the base
  • Removing snow from around trees prevents root rot

There comes a point in a blizzard where you can no longer hand shovel or use a residential snow removal tool and you need a professional. Removing snow will save money in the long run as well as eliminate the possibility of slip and fall injuries. When you have a professional company like Cutting Edge snow plow your driveway, business parking lot and remove snow from around the building and home, it saves time, money, and possible moisture damage that insurance does not cover.

Getting started is easy and don’t wait until a storm to contact as the calendar fills up quick! Contacting Cutting Edge landscape and snow removal is as simple as calling (734) 787-7157  or visit on the web at https://micuttingedge.com/residential-and-commercial-snow-plowing-service-downriver-mi/


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