Hey Downriver Michigan, the snow is coming. It’s in the forecast. Soon, there will be a beautiful, thick, white, heavy, wet blanket of snow, wonderful snow. Have you booked an appointment with a snow removal company yet? If you have not and you don’t know where to start, here are few simple tips to help you in your snow filled winter season.

  • Be safe — please, put your personal safety first and foremost. Snow is heavier than it looks and shoveling it yourself is a tremendous exertion.
  • Shovel often — start the back breaking process early and do it as often as possible to keep it from building up
  • Salting –busy path ways can benefit from a layer of salt
  • Leaf blower –having the leaf blower close on hand can help move fluffy snow

Is this too much for you to manager? No problem! Put a phone call into the landscape and snow removal pros at Cutting Edge. 

Getting started is easy! Simple call, schedule an estimate appointment to have a professional from Cutting Edge visit your home and get the layout of your yard and possible problem spots for snow build up during a storm. Once you have established contact, create an account and get on the schedule for first response service during a heavy snow fall.

A little leg work today will save your from heavy lifting back work during a storm. Get started now by calling ((734) 787-7157.  Or you can learn more by visiting the website:  https://micuttingedge.com/


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