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Snow Removal in Downriver Michigan with https://micuttingedge.com/

Michigan has a significant snow forecast for this upcoming week. That means more than making snowman and snowball fights for kids – it means safety hazards abound for adults!

Top 3 Reasons Snow Removal is Key to Winter Living Success

  • Snow removal helps prevent slipping on sidewalks
  • Snow removal helps prevent skidding in the driveway out into the street while driving your car
  • Any senior who ventures out doors with a can or walker will greatly benefit from snow removal around a living space

If you are looking to keep safety and surefootedness a priority this winter  for your family and loved ones in Downriver Michigan then look to the professionals at Cutting Edge Landscaping and Snow Removal.

Cutting Edge offers a free estimate, upfront pricing and affordability. Think ahead today about the future snow pack on your roof, driveway, sidewalks and outdoor living spaces. Have a Cutting Edge team member meet you at the house, assess the space, the walkways and overall yardage that would need clearing in the event of a blizzard. Get your quote now and know what it will cost in time and effort to do it yourself, or simple, hire on Cutting Edge.

It’s a win win situation when you work with the best at Cutting Edge.  While scheduling your snow removal remember to ask about planting a spring garden, shrubs and ground covering with lots of flowers!

What are you waiting for? Start now with a phone to schedule your snow removal estimate by calling ( 734) 787 7157   or visit them on the web here: https://micuttingedge.com/service/snow-removal/

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