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Snow Removal in Taylor Michigan with Cutting Edge

How can snow removal services by Cutting Edge help you, your family and your business in Taylor Michigan.  That’s easy. Cutting Edge provides an expert level of Michigan snow types and removal methods to make your life easier. Cutting Edge can reduce the stress of a snow storm because they take care of the snow removal while you enjoy your family and customers.

Snow Removal Services from Cutting Edge Include:

  1. Snow removal by clearing and the hauling away the snow
  2. Snow removal includes all walkways, driveways and parking lots
  3. After the snow is removed a salting service coats the cleared area
  4. Thorough snow removal from the designated area
  5. Private roads can be included in the snow removal contract
  6. A contingency plan for “just in case” situations of snow removal

The science of snow can be described in five general types: graupel, plates, needles, columns, and dendrites. Each of these snow type forms in different temperatures and moisture levels in various parts of the state,  country and world. Michigan ranks as the 3rd snowiest and coldest winter!

The Michigan snow comes primarily in three forms. There is the fluffy snow that’s soft and doesn’t have a lot of moisture. This is the kind that’s fun to play in and easy to move. Michigan receives normal snow which has some moisture but not a lot and it tends to pile up on every possible surface. The final type of snow that Michigan gets is the heavy and wet snow.

Knowing all of this is why meeting with a snow removal specialist now, while your sprinkler heads and flower bed boarders are visible is key to an easy snow removal season. When you work with Cutting Edge, it all starts with a simple phone call to schedule a free written estimate for the snow removal of your property. Commercial business, apartment complex, private home – anywhere with snow in the greater Taylor area is welcome!

At your appointment you will be met with a Cutting Edge team member who will walk the property with you, find what the best snow removal plan is and then give you the written estimate and guarantee for your snow removal contract. Lock in the best rates and dates now to make your snow season an enjoyable one!

Call Cutting Edge now, (734) 787-7157 or visit them on the web here: https://micuttingedge.com/the-best-choice-for-snow-removal-in-taylor-michigan/


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