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Sod Installation |Downriver Michigan with Cutting Edge


Why sod? Because it stops dust, mud,  dirt and ugly in it’s tracks. When you lay down a beautiful layer of fresh green sod with a solid, tightly knit weave on the bottom of it’s track into your lawn area you will now be the proud owner of a beautiful lawn as well as a functional lawn.

Sod installation when professionally done can turn a plain, bare, unsightly space into a lush, welcoming clean space to live and play in.There are so may benefits to having sod in your front and back lawns as well as having some side pieces to accent your home and curb appeal.

Now there are even more benefits to having sod professionally installed and that is it can control soil erosion and dust. Plus if you are trying to do a quick sale on your home and need fast curb appeal, sod is the way to go.

Did you read the part about professional installation?  The sod is delicate and strong at the same time. A skilled landscaping technician knows how to handle and install sod so it stays intact in strips and doesn’t break apart and lose it’s shape. If that happens, the sod lawn suddenly becomes an installed jigsaw puzzle and will grow into a difficult to mow space.

Sod comes in many varieties – so when would sod installation be a good fit for you?

Getting started is easy – call Cutting Edge in Downriver Michigan (734) 787- 7157 or visit them on the web at: https://micuttingedge.com/

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