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Spring Rains and Your Roof in Taylor Michigan

The Taylor Michigan perfect spring weather is beautiful and will lead into summer rain storms! If your home has already survived a harsh winter with lots of snow melt then you may have underlying damage that you are not aware of.

When your roof has a leak, it’s apparent in the house by a damp wall, or a stain on the ceiling and if it is left without repair you may even see mold inside the house.

General weather, wear and tear on the roof can lift shingles, cause curling, or the granules to wear off. Follow that with vermin seeking shelter from the weather and gnawing into the roof structure. This type of damage you can’t see from the ground and need to be on the roof to find.

Instead of risking your own personal health and safety by attempting to climb the ladder and navigate the slope of the roof while also checking the shingles, gutters and chimney, why not trust the trained roofing contractors at Downriver Roofers?

When you work with Downriver Roofers, you get a complimentary written estimate of the the points of inspection, results of inspection and an approximate estimate of the labor cost, materials cost and time estimate of the work to be completed.

Downriver Roofers only using the top leading materials from GAF and CertainTEED in their construction projects.  There is a warranty on the materials and  a 100% satisfaction guarantee. All the roofing technicians are licensed, bonded and insured meaning your home is in the best hands possible to receive a repair, upgrade or makeover!

Call for an appointment to walk through and over your roof and find any cracks, loose shingles or vermin!

Call (734) 548-9919 or visit them on the web at

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