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Spring Yard Cleaning Services with Cutting Edge

Spring has sprung in the Downriver Michigan area and now that the snow is melting, it’s time to think about spring cleaning your yard.

A Spring cleaning of your yard for the home or commercial property is a great way to add curb appeal to the house and business. Starting with snow removal is one of the best way to begin spring cleaning of your yard. If you have dirty, built up snow in areas of the lawn, schedule a removal. Then the lawn and yard can be assessed for mulching, rock barriers and designs as well as planting of flowers.
If a thick lush lawn is what you want for your yard then discussing a sod installation or type of grass planting that needs to be laid out.

You can expect your spring yard cleaning to include:

  • Removing the old dead, rotten grass and planting beds to make room for new
  • Preparing flower beds or new types of plants
  • Putting all plants and seeds into their beds
  • Pest and weed control measures evaluated and implemented
  • Pruning shrubs and small trees
  • Compost yard clippings and waste


There are many ways you can choose to create a beautiful yard and cleaning it up first is the best way to start. When you start early in the spring you allow time for the landscaping to grow and be trimmed into the look you desire. That extra time invested early in the spring will provide longer enjoyment of your outdoor living space over the summer.

No need to wait – call Cutting Edge now and schedule a free estimate of snow removal and spring yard cleaning in the Downriver Michigan area.

Cutting Edge is experienced in large and small yard cleaning, as well as professional landscape design.

Call (734) 787-7157 or visit on the web: https://micuttingedge.com/


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