Have you noticed in the basement or crawl space of your home that there is moisture collecting? If you look outside of the home along the base foundation of the house, are you seeing water collecting? If you answered yes, then, you may need a sump pump. Before you consider doing a DIY installation of a sump pump into your home please consider the value of your time and hard earned money.

What To Consider In DIY Sump Pump Installation

There are tutorials on the internet that can show the steps of how to install and prepare the valves and PVC pipe needed for the sump pump. As well as instructions for the depth of the digging needed into the basement and foundation of the home to settle in the sump pump.  You will find guidelines for the gravel load, size and type of rock to layer in to the sump pump hole that you have dug in your house. Though, are you sure you know  what you are doing for the size of home you have? The level of the gradient of your home lot? Will your home insurance policy cover any damage caused by you doing a DIY sump pump installation?

When To Call A Professional Plumber

Did you know that a reputable plumber will do a free estimate on a job? If you are seeing the water collect around the base of the house or inside the basement, are you sure it’s the need for a sump pump? It’s possible that there is a different reason for moisture in the home and wisdom says, ask a professional! In Grosse Ile, the licensed, bonded, insured and professionally trained technicians at Plumbers Downriver can assess a plumbing problem and secure the most cost effective solution.

A sump pump installation is a major repair and needs to be completed properly with all seals, pipes and water flow built to code. If there is a secondary reason for water seepage, the plumbing technician can address the problem and fix it in the same house call for the job. You may want to consider getting started with a free written estimate with Plumbers Downriver before you begin a DIY plumbing project and you are not a trained plumber.

You can easily get started by calling (734) 548 – 9925 or by visiting the website: https://plumbersdownriver.com/grosse-ile/

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