Weather in Michigan has been intense this season and brought with it heavy rains, snow and flooding. Have you noticed in your home, water collecting in the basement or more moisture than normal? It’s possible that if you are seeing that build up of water in the basement and you have a sump pump installed, that it needs repair.

How To Know The Sump Pump Needs Fixing

The first sign of trouble is the sump pump is not properly pumping out the water. Even in severe flooding, a properly running sump pump can keep up and clear out excess water within a day. If you have had lots of rain and some flooding and the basement is still full of standing water, your sump pump may need repair.

The second sign of trouble is if you have standing water and the sump pump is not working at all. It’s possible that the sump pump was installed incorrectly and when a heavy demand was put on the unit, it buckled under the strain.

Third sign of sump pump repair need is if you have standing water and excess water that is not being pumped out now but in prior storm season the sump pump worked, then it’s possible your sump pump unit has a defect in it or is wore out and need repair.

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