Sump pump season is upon Michigan! There is a lot of change in the weather coming in the spring months for Woodhaven Michigan. If you see water collecting around the base of the house or possibly even standing water in the basement, it may be time to check your sump pump. There are several things you can do at home, to check if your sump pump is working properly. If you suspect that it is not and are seeing signs of distress in the unit, there are a few things to expect when a professional plumber arrives to repair.

What To Expect with Sump Pump Repair

The sump pump maintenance and repair is really important as it has a crucial job to do in your home to protect it from flooding. The float and the pit are the two most important parts to your sump pump at home cleaning and sight checking that you need to do. The sump pump float rises with water and if there is debris in the pit that hinders the float, that is how you can trigger a flood in your basement. On a monthly basis, do a quick sight check of your sump pump pit and remove any debris that may be floating or near the pit.

If you have adequate power to the sump pump, and nothing is blocking the float, then it’s time to contact a professional plumber to inspect the device. A sump pump malfunction can be a defect in the unit or it can be normal wear and tear on a device that has triggered breakage. Your sump pump might be under warranty and available to be repaired with only labor costs.

Expect the professional plumber to need access to the sump pump, ability to dig around the pit and in it, possibly add gravel, or remove gravel. Your plumber may need to turn the main water valve off during repair time. You can expect the plumber in the home to need adequate space to move around the sump pump so be sure to move any household items that are stored in the area.

Before you consider doing a “do it yourself” plumbing repair project in your home, consider the cost of time you are about to invest. As well, think about if your work, then in turn, needs to be repaired by a professional.  Home insurance policies don’t always cover repairs that have been mistakes by  the home owner.

To get started, contact a professional plumber, like the licensed, bonded, insured professionally trained plumbers who service, maintain and install sump pumps, at Downriver Plumbers. It’s a simple phone call to schedule a maintenance appointment. If you have an emergency plumbing situation there are technicians on call 24/7!

Insurance claims for damaged plumbing is welcome and there are payment plan options available if you need to help you get the plumbing repair work that you need done.

It’s good to establish a working relationship with your local plumber to a record of your home water heater, sump pump, and plumbing fixtures are easily stored in a file for access by the plumber to know your home plumbing history. In Woodhaven, you can get started now with Downriver Plumbers by calling (734) 548 – 9925 or visit them on the web to learn more about the services available for you at this link


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