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Telltale Signs You Need a New Roof in Canton Michigan

Canton Michigan – after a busy snow season and going into the summer, when would now be a great time to walk around your house and take a good hard look at your roof and the condition it is in after the winter. You want to be looking for signs of wear from weather and vermin as well as age of the roof.


Your shingles may be loose, cracked, missing, or bald even! If you see any nails combined with the shingles conditions, those are telltale signs that you are in the market for a new roof. The damage created by vermin in your area can be harder to spot from the ground and this is where you want to call a roofing professional to come inspect the roof by physically climbing up a ladder and going on to the roof to examine the condition. A very small entrance hole can be gnawed by a squirrel, rat, or raccoon in the roof and you won’t know it’s there till a physical inspection on the roof is complete.

Before you climb up yourself – consider contacting a roofing specialist who is licensed, bonded and insured for this type of work.  You can trust the professionals at Allpoint construction in Canton Michigan to help you restore the glory to the crown jewel of your home.


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