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Tips To Maintain Your Wood Siding in Plymouth Michigan

Tips To Maintain Your Wood Siding in Plymouth Michigan

There’s plenty of siding materials out there that require little to no maintenance, however wood is definitely not one of those siding materials. Wood siding requires proper maintenance to remain in great condition. Regular maintenance will also help prevent many problems that could cause major issues with your house, leading you to spend more and more money. So, if you want to save money and feel protected to harsh elements, then keeping up with your siding in Plymouth Michigan fully maintained can certainly do that for you.

Tips To Maintain Your Wood Siding in Plymouth Michigan

Your homes siding does a lot to protect your home whether you know it or not, keeping weather, bugs, and much more out of your home. If you start to notice problems with your homes siding, having it repaired can definitely help with lots of issues, if it’s neglected and put off then it could cause damages that could result in health risks. So we’ll go over some tips to maintain your wood siding to ensure it stays in good condition to keep you and your home safe.

Plymouth MI Wood Siding


Cleaning your wooden siding can erase dirt and grime from its surface, which can actually boost your curb appeal as darkening spots can throw off the aesthetically pleasing look you want your home to have. Many people suggest pressure washing your wood siding, however you will have to be gentle so you don’t damage it. If you’re inexperienced with pressure washing, then hiring a professional to do the job for you would be ideal to ensure you don’t damage your homes exterior, this could cost you a lot of money in repairs if you don’t pressure wash it properly. 


Paint and stain are typically used for protection on your homes wood siding, they help keep moisture out of the wood allowing it to rot. If your wood siding isn’t properly stained and painted, then moisture could seep into the wood and thus allowing mold and such to grow on your wood siding, which could cause major issues if not treated. It’s recommended to re-stain your homes siding every few years to ensure it’s not pealing or chipping which can allow water to seep in your wood siding. Re-staining can be a tough project so it may be ideal to hire a professional to do it instead of trying to do it yourself. 

Clear Nearby Trees

Trees are often loved by homeowners because they boost curb appeal and are beautiful, making your home more aesthetically pleasing to stare at. However, trees can cause harm to your wood siding. Branches and twigs of trees can scrape on your wood siding, this can allow water to seep into it and cause moisture to rot the wood. Bushes and tree branches should be trimmed to avoid this happening to your wood siding. 

Cutting Grass

Whenever you cut your grass, try to keep your lawn mower discharge away from your wood siding, as debris can be sent towards your siding and cause scratches and dents in it. If you notice any dents or scratches on your homes exterior wood siding, then have it re-stained or repaired depending on the damage to ensure it isn’t allowing moisture in to set. 

Have Repairs Done

If you notice damage on your wood siding, then having the section repaired is a viable option and will help eliminate other problems from occurring. Hiring a local professional siding company to come out and do the job is going to ensure everything is proper and not a sloppy job by an unqualified person. Make sure to ask plenty of questions of your professional expert that you hire to ensure you’re getting the best quality work.

Wood siding can certainly last a long time, but only with proper maintenance. If you neglect maintaining your wood siding, it can easily be gone in less than a decade, so keeping up with maintenance will prolong the lifespan of it and keep your mind at ease that it’s protecting your home. If you notice damage to your wood siding, hiring a professional siding company such as Home Pros Plymouth to come out and inspect it and repair it will grant the best certainty that it will continue to protect your home. Regular inspections by you can help find problems before they turn big as well. Call them today at (734) 548-9911 for a free quote on siding installation for your home.

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