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Top Rated Downriver Landscaping Company | Cutting Edge

Are you looking to create a lawn and landscape for your home or business that you love to look at? If your residential landscape isn’t as comfortable as you like for your family to enjoy summer picnics on, consider contacting the top rated landscaping company in Downriver Michigan as a great first step to turning a brown and barren lawn into a lush, shady outdoor livings space.

Did you know that in Downriver Michigan, Cutting Edge is the top rated landscaping company in the area?

They specialize in comprehensive landscaping and lawn rehabbing. What works for home landscapes also applies to commercial buildings and retail store fronts. Do you want your customers to have a beautiful and inviting space to come for business?  Consider hiring Cutting Edge landscaping as part of your marketing campaign for the business.

You can choose if you want to have a one time fix it appointment or a dedicated monthly plan for Cutting Edge to care for the landscape.

Services include everything from:

  • Expert snow removal in the winter to building retaining walls
  • Mulching
  • Installing irrigation systems in the summer
  • Sod lawn design and installation
  • Fall and Spring appointments in between are for maintaining the landscape design installed

So why wait for your instant curb appeal easy upgrade to you home? Starting is easy with a phone call to schedule an estimate appointment. This allows you to meet face to face with an expert landscaper and talk about the concerns you have for the care of your lawn and any design or additions, such as shrubs and flowers you would like to add. If you are thinking of installing raised beds for flowers and gardening, Cutting Edge can help you pick the best spot for maximum sun exposure and best drainage for watering to keep the flow away from your home foundation.

Call (734) 787-7157 to get started or learn more on the website: https://micuttingedge.com/

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