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What does roof repair look like in Canton Michigan? There are several ways you can look at your roof and know that you need repair. The obvious roof repair sign is that you have a large hole in your roof caused by storm damage. What about the subtle roof repair needs that can easily go unnoticed?

In Canton Michigan, the heavy winter snow can hide some possible roof damage. During the spring and summer when you and the family are busy enjoying life outdoors and traveling, you may not notice a tell tale sign of roof repair. To help you determine if you need to schedule roof repair, check out this list.

Here’s a short list of things to look for to determine if you need roof repair

  1. Roof shingles that are cracked or have edges that peel up into a curl
  2. Roof shingles that are missing and the roof flashing is exposed
  3. Roof shingles that are missing the granules and appear as bald spots
  4. After a storm if there is a patch of shingles of missing you are in need of emergency roof repair
  5. Inside the home if you notice dampness on the ceiling and walls in the form of a watery stain
  6. Inside the home if you smell a musty odor due to wetness in the walls caused by a leak in the ceiling
  7. At night if you hear the sounds of wildlife in your ceiling it means there is an entry hole somewhere in the roof and you need repair

These are just a few possible causes for need of a roof repair. The longer you let the problem exist the bigger the repair can be. If you think you need roof repair and are concerned about the cost, rest assured that Allpoint Construction can help with any and all of these roof repair problems.

Some roof repair jobs can be a simple patch fix. Other roof repair jobs may involve a more extensive repair and replacement of the roof – and, in extreme cases you may want to scrap the old roof and install a new one. The good news is that most roof repair jobs can be completed in about a day.

Allpoint Construction has been in the roofing business for over 20 years. The team are members of the community and familiar with the Michigan weather as well as types of roofing that works best in the Canton climate.  Getting quality roof repair work is easy and there are multiple ways to pay whether you use your own home insurance of finance with the Allpoint Construction company lender.

Don’t delay – get started today with a call to set up an estimate appointment. You will receive a detailed written estimate of what the cost will be, how long the work will take to complete and the 100% satisfaction guarantee in the workmanship.  Warranty details are available for product used to complete the roof repair.

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