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Vinyl Siding in Plymouth Michigan For Your Home: The Pros And Cons

Vinyl Siding in Plymouth Michigan For Your Home: The Pros And Cons

Deciding on a siding material that will best suit your budget, expectations, and your home isn’t the easiest of choices. There’s many things you’ll need to keep into consideration before deciding on which siding in Plymouth Michigan to have installed, today we’re going to be discussing vinyl siding. With the amount of questions you’ll need to decide on, this article should help you as we’ll focus on the pros and the cons that vinyl siding gives, that way you’ll have the best understanding on what you’re getting when you choose to have vinyl siding installed on your home.

Vinyl Siding in Plymouth Michigan For Your Home: The Pros And Cons

If we’re being honest, we believe vinyl siding is definitely worth it. There’s a reason why vinyl siding is so common on home’s in America. The affordability, durability, and other pros that come with it are definitely things that will catch your eye. If you’re remodeling your home or just replacing the siding, then be sure to read this article before you make that decision, if there’s something that you dislike about vinyl siding, you may regret having it installed later without doing the proper research, so follow along as we talk about the various pros and cons of vinyl siding.

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Vinyl Siding Pros:

Low Price

When we look at improvements to do to our home’s, we almost always have certain budgets that we tend to follow. Thankfully, vinyl siding is very cheap compared to some siding materials, so you’ll feel much better choosing vinyl siding as it won’t break your bank account.


Of course homeowners want versatility when it comes to something such as new siding, no one wants to have the same boring look at everyone else with the same siding. So with vinyl siding, you’ll find out quickly that it’s very versatile and offers plenty of styles, textures, and colors to choose from when purchasing it.


Having a siding on your home that’s durable and able to withstand the harsh elements that mother nature can throw at it is always a good sign, vinyl siding may be lightweight and seem less durable than some siding materials on the market, but rest assured this siding can withstand hurricane type winds, hail, and much more.

Energy Efficient

As time goes on, many homeowners will often turn to things that are more energy efficient for their home. With vinyl, you’ll find that it can be extremely helpful with keeping heat and air transfer to a minimum, so you’ll see your energy bills decrease monthly.

Low Maintenance

If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t like constant maintenance chores, then vinyl siding is definitely the right siding for you. Vinyl siding requires near to no maintenance, the only thing it really requires is a nice cleaning once a year. This will help bring the life back by getting dirt off of your vinyl siding and restoring your home’s curb appeal.

Vinyl Siding Cons:

Useless If Installed Improperly

Since vinyl siding contracts and expands, it means it needs to be installed kind of loosely, however if it’s not installed properly, then wind can get behind the vinyl panes and rip them away from your home’s exterior. So, if you decide to get vinyl siding installed on your home, be sure to hire a reputable professional to do the job.

Fades Over Time

Unfortunately, the way vinyl is made, means it will fade over time. So if one of the vinyl panes becomes damaged, it’s typically not going to match the new pane that you install since your vinyl siding has already faded.

It’s important to keep the pros and cons of a siding material in mind when purchasing and installing it, there’s plenty of questions to ask yourself before you make that huge decision. Be sure that whatever siding you decide to choose, you do your research and know that it’s the perfect siding for your home, where it can grant you durability, versatility, and not cost so much. There’s many other siding materials out there, such as wood siding, which can be beautiful but it’s extremely expensive. That’s why vinyl siding is definitely one of the best siding materials out there. If you’re planning on getting vinyl siding for your home, be sure to only hire a professional siding expert to have it installed for you. Home Pros Plymouth is the top siding contractor in Plymouth Michigan. Give them a call today at (734) 548-9911 for a free quote.

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