Summer season is upon Michigan and that means there could be strong summer rain storms coming with the possibility of flooding. Do you have a plan for how to handle a sudden influx of water into your home or basement? What if a pipe burst in the hot water heater? This article can help you prepare for the possible flooding of your home and how to start the water extraction process, the right way.

What to do when you have water damage suddenly happen to your home?

Flooding can occur from heavy rains, a severe storm or a pipe bursting from the laundry room, kitchen and bathroom. If you are caught with water damage and standing water in your home you need an action plan. Start with turning off the electricity breaker to avoid the chance of electrocution.

Next call a professional water extraction company like Downriver Restoration. While you are waiting for the 24/7 emergency repairman to arrive, begin moving your valued possessions out of the water and to dry ground to dry out. Be sure and take inventory of what is damaged and have photo proof for insurance purposes.

It’s imperative to begin the water extraction process immediately to keep your home from mold growth, bacterial growth in the drywall, flooring and furnishings too.  Finally, gather insurance paperwork and have on hand at the ready for any possible claims that can be made for restoration work and replacing valuables.

The water extraction when done by a professional is quicker, more efficient in time and preserving your home as well as more sanitary. If you want to DIY water extraction, know that the longer it takes you the more time bacteria and mold grow underneath the top layer of drywall and deep into the carpet padding. When you work with a professional water extraction company that has experience in water damage and treating the home for it, you will have the best results.

You can start now, with a simple phone call to the water extraction specialists in Grosse Ile – call Downriver Restoration at (734) 619 – 7610. They have been in the industry for over 20 years and are a community favorite.

Or visit them on the web –
The sooner you call, the better!


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