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What Condition are the Fascia Boards on Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan In?

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Your fascia is an essential part of your roofing in Plymouth Michigan that your gutters are attached to but that also function to help protect the integrity of your roof. If good wood choices are made when your roof is constructed, you can have fascia that works well for a long time. If not, you run the risk of rotten fascia board as they are inherently vulnerable due to their location. And if there is a problem with your fascia boards it can lead to damage for the roofing and the walls of your home.

What Condition are the Fascia Boards on Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan In?

Roof eaves are made up of your fascia and soffit, which go hand in hand to make up the overhang of your roof. Many times people have a new roof put on their home and then notice their eaves have rotten wood in them. It’s easier to replace this BEFORE the roof is replaced, but it tends to not happen that way, so be sure to check your fascia before having a roof replacement! If you’ve recently had the roofing on your home replaced and you didn’t replace the fascia boards it’s a good idea to consider getting them checked.

Fascia board repair and replacement is a relatively straightforward process. Unless your home has many dormers and unique roof angles, the fascia boards replacement can be inexpensive. This is especially true when you consider the damage that can occur from problematic fascia boards that leak and allow water to invade the home walls and eaves of the roofing.

When getting replacement fascia boards on your home be sure to consider these tips which can help provide a better understanding of how the baords are replaced and what you should talk with the home improvement contractor about:

What Condition are the Fascia Boards on Your Roofing in Plymouth Michigan In?

Fascia Repair:

  • Choosing Good Wood – You’ll want a contractor who will work with you to ensure the best possible wood is selected to make up your fascia. This doesn’t just apply to the type of wood, but each and every board being used for your repair. You want someone that will choose pieces that look solid and good and are of a naturally decay resistant type.
  • Watch Where you Nail – You never want to nail fascia boards near the edges of a grain piece. Otherwise, you face the potential of having unsightly split board ends and you can also face future rot issues that could easily be avoided.
  • It’s best to nail the fascia boards near the end of your trusses or even into the rafter tail. This way, all the nails can be backed away from the edge to be extra secure and prevent splitting. Research your contractor to learn more about their techniques to ensure that you are getting the best quality of work and selection with the company you select.
  • Use Good Nails – You want stainless steel or galvanized nails for your roof repair. These will make a substantial difference in how long your fascia can last. Anything else runs the risk of premature rusting and detriment to the wood.
  • Paint the Ends – You can go the extra mile in protecting your fascia by painting the ends of the boards and it will help to seal the ends from wicking up moisture. By using a good quality primer paint on the ends of the boards, you help to prevent moisture collection and water damage in your fascia boards.

What Should you Do?

Keep in mind that your fascia is a critical part of your roof and shouldn’t be overlooked. Keeping an eye on the health of your fascia can help to ensure the overall health of your roof is in tip top shape as well. Be sure to speak to a contractor at length about any repairs or work that you need done to be sure it is done to your likely and needs. A great professional contractor will be willing to work with you to get the job done in a great manner.

Call a reputable roofing contractor in Plymouth Michigan for more information about replacing or repairing your fascia boards before they become a problem. With new materials your fascia can be updated to last for more than 50 years. Call Home Pros Plymouth today at 734-548-9911 for a free quote on replacing or repairing your fascia boards in Plymouth Michigan.

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