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What Damages Can a Leaking Roof in Dearborn Michigan Cause?

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Having a roof leak is a very frustrating time. Usually when a roof starts to leak it’s during a storm which immediately makes the roof leak more dangerous. While a leaking roof is more common than you might think, getting it repaired quickly can help to cut down on some of the damages that may be present during the roof leak. For small roof leaks, you may not have much to worry about but if your roof has been leaking for some time, it can lead to all sorts of damage on your roof in Dearborn Michigan as well as the inside of your home. We’ll outline some of the damages you may face if you have a roof leak on your home.

What Damages Can a Leaking Roof in Dearborn Michigan Cause?

When you have a roof leak on your home it can be caused by a number of items. The roof may be old and starting to break down allowing water through the roof, or it may be damaged by the impact such as a tree branch falling on the roof. The initial damage that happens on the roof will need to be repaired of course, but sometimes when water starts to pout through that damage is where much of the problems happen. Because most of the components in your home under the roof is not designed to have any water come in contact with them they can be damaged easily by this entering water. Some items such as structural components of the home can withstand being wet a few times but there are some components which can be damaged from the first time water enters the home. Most of the following problems are a result of the water entering the home from a roof leak in Dearborn Michigan:

What Damages Can a Leaking Roof in Dearborn Michigan Cause

Damage to the Attic Area and Insulation

As water enters the home the first thing it will usually come in contact with is the insulation in the attic. This insulation will typically get saturated with water and then the insulation flattens. As it flattens it loses it’s R-Value which can allow air to transfer more easily into and out of your home. This can be very bad for the energy efficiency of your home as the insulation is not performing as it should. Even when it dries it may not regain it’s R-Value and may need to be replaced. Another problem for leaks that are above exterior walls is the insulation gets saturated and falls down the wall. This leaves the entire top of the wall un-insulated which can cause your heating and cooling costs to go up. As the water makes it way on down you’ll see damage to your ceilings and walls.

Damage to Your Ceilings and Walls

A roof leak can almost immediately stain the drywall that is placed on walls and ceilings. A small amount of water may not require the drywall to be replaced but a large amount of water or continued moisture on the drywall will likely mean it needs to be replaced. Usually, when a home has a roof leak this is the point in which most homeowners realize they have a roof leak.

Damage to Home Furnishings

As the water comes through the ceiling it can fall onto anything that is under the area that is leaking. This can lead to all sorts of problems for your home furnishings. Items like televisions and computers having water poured into them almost always means it stops working. Other home furnishings are also at risk such as furniture and rugs in the home which can get saturated with water. If your carpet gets wet it’s important to get it dried quickly as mold can start growing under the carpet.

Fire and Electrical Hazard in the Home

For roof leaks that have a lot of water entering the home there is also a risk of fire or an electrical hazard from the roof leak. Depending on where the roof leak is located it can leak into electrical boxes or lighting fixtures which can create a huge problem in your home. Always turn off any circuit breakers if a lighting fixture or electrical box is under a roof leak.

Get a Professional Roofer to Repair the Roof on Your Home

If you have a roof leak on your Dearborn Michigan home be sure to call a licensed roofer to repair it quickly. At Roofing Dearborn they have fully qualified roofers ready to help. They have an emergency roof repair service as well. Call today at 313-209-6350 if you need roof repair service in Dearborn Michigan.

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