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Why You Should Use A Professional To Install Your Windows in Plymouth Michigan

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Most homeowners are aware of how great replacement windows in Plymouth Michigan are for your home. With a 70 to 80 percent return on your investment, and plenty of options to help you increase your curb appeal, it is an easy decision for many homeowners to make. But to get the full effects of replacement windows for your home, it comes down to installation. If your windows are not properly installed, you can expect to see plenty of problems, and not a lot of savings.

Why You Should Use A Professional To Install Your Windows in Plymouth Michigan

One of the biggest problems with improper installation for replacement windows may not be apparent for months or even years after the installation. You won’t see the energy savings that should happen with new windows. In fact, improper installation of replacement windows can actually cause the energy efficiency of your home to go down. So not only will you lose your initial investment in the windows but they will continually cost you in energy bills until you get them professionally repaired. Other problems can also show up right away such as the windows not opening properly or simply allowing a draft to come into your home. Here are some things to keep in mind when getting replacement windows installed in your Plymouth Michigan home and why it matters so much:

Why You Should Use A Professional To Install Your Windows in Plymouth Michigan


Perhaps the best part of replacement windows is the increased efficiency. On average, homeowners see a 19 percent reduction in monthly energy bills in the summer, and 25 percent in the winter. If you opt for additional features like multiple panes, gas fillings, coatings, and tints, this can increase even further. But if you do not properly install your windows, you can end up with less efficiency that you had with your old windows. This is because the seal is crucial to creating a barrier between the interior and exterior of your home. Even the smallest error can cause this barrier to be broken and your energy bills to increase.


Most window companies provide warranties on their products in case anything goes wrong. But that is only if you have your windows installed by an experienced professional. This is because professionals are far less likely to have problems with installing their products. If you do it yourself, or hire unlicensed contractors, your warranty can become invalid going forward.


Damage to your home can be obvious, or much more subtle. When installing windows, some easy to spot damage that can occur without professional includes racking and shattering glass, dented frames, and damage to your home’s siding. But something that can go unnoticed for a long time is moisture damage. When windows aren’t properly installed, they can leave openings for moisture to get through. This moisture can turn into mold and quickly spread throughout your home. Mold is toxic and can be detrimental to your health, and is very costly to remove.


Much like with the warranties from manufacturers, insurance companies also care about who is doing the installation. If you do not have a professional install the windows, your homeowner’s insurance may find that to be a good enough reason to disclaim on future damages. This isn’t limited to only damage to the windows, but also issues like mold that may or may not be a result of it. Insurance companies do not want to pay out unless they have to, so any possible loophole will be taken to save them money. However, if a professional installs your windows, you will not only be covered by your insurance, but also theirs. That means the contractor’s insurance will cover and damage done while installing your windows.


While it may not seem like a huge deal considering the other problems that comes with doing installation yourself, timeframes also suffer. A professional can replace all your windows in a day or two depending on what changes are being made and how many windows you have. Inexperienced people can take far longer, leaving your home open for longer periods of time.

If you’re considering getting replacement windows installed in your Plymouth Michigan home be sure to call the professionals. Home Pros Plymouth is a fully licensed and qualified home improvement contractor in Plymouth Michigan. They offer financing and also free quotes on window replacement projects. Call them today at 734-548-9911 for a free estimate.

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