Wind damage in Downriver Michigan can happen suddenly when a storm sets in. Wind damage combined with rain, sleet, or snow can double the damage. It can be  difficult to describe how wind damage happens in a moment unless you see it first hand. Wind can have enough power to pull shingles off a roof. Wind can knock over a tree, or pull of a door that is not tightly secured.

Ways that wind can cause sudden damage and destruction:

  • Straight line wind
  • Tornadic swirling wind
  • Microbursts

Any of these winds that happen overnight mean you can wake up to severe damage to your home and property or commercial building. Wind damage can be covered by insurance. So where do you start when you find your house with structural damage caused by wind?

Start by contacting Allpoint Construction. They are experienced contractors with wind damage knowledge and long time residents of the Downriver area.

When you call for wind damage repair, an Allpoint Construction team member will visit you at the home. Assess the wind damage and what needs repair or rebuilding. An on staff insurance specialist can help you with any insurance claims to cover the cost of wind damage.

The most important thing is your family’s safety in a wind storm. Be sure and not try to rush out in to the wind to batten down any loose objects because flying debris in the wind can cause major injury. The best bet if found in a sudden wind storm is to ride it out and then focus on clean up and repair. When you are ready for the next step, contact Allpoint Construction by calling (734) 407-7110 or visit them on the web here:

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