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Yardscaping in Downriver MI with Cutting Edge

Spring has sprung and summer is almost here! Have you begun creating your summer celebrations in your beautiful yard? Is your yard up to the comfort level that you desire for cookouts and picnics?  If your yard is in need of some attention, keep reading.  What if you could design the look of the yardscape that you dream of and then work with a team to bring that yard to life?

Enter Cutting Edge and their master yardscaping!

Let’s start with why work with a professional versus DIY.

Professional vs DIY yardscaping

  • Professional services offer a higher quality in products and plants used to design the lawn versus a DIY shopping
  • Professional yardscaping comes with industrial level equipment to do the deep digging and wall building
  • DIY lawn seeding or sod installation means you personally do the heavy lifting and laying versus professional labor
  • DIY mulching and feeding of the lawn does not come with the experience and technical training of a professional yardscaper

Your lawn can be an outdoor living and enjoyment space for your family. If you plan on installing patio furniture, it’s important to plot the flowers, shrubs and lawn to grow out of the shade of any patio umbrella. If your BBQ grill or fire pit is too close to shrubs or trees you risk a fire. Part of the yardscaping development plan is designing fire safety as well as proper water drainage.

Some yards may require a retaining wall be built to support the lawn while draining the water away from the house foundation and to the gutter run off system. Your Cutting Edge professional can help you with this design feature.

Did you know that when you work with Cutting Edge, all yardscaping jobs begin with a thorough cleaning of the yard space. Weed removal, aeration of the lawn, and digging up of old dead plants.  Now that there is a fresh space to work in the next step of seeding or laying in sod. Followed by feeding and watering where the drainage and water retention is assessed. Next the fun part of selecting specialty shrubs and flowers to add color with vibrancy to your view of the yard from your home or curb.

There is definitely more joy in designing the yardscape versus doing the heavy lifting. Why don’t you leave that to the pros at Cutting Edge? They are community members, licensed, bonded and insured. Cutting Edge is experienced in permit pulling if needed for digging or building. Cutting Edge team members know the best water efficient plants and grass types for the greater Downriver area.

Getting started today ensures a beautiful lawn and yardscape for the summer fun. All you need to do to get started is call (734) 787-7157 or visit on the web: https://micuttingedge.com/yard-landscaping-in-downriver-michigan/


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