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3 Things You Need Now For Your House – Available on Amazon Prime Days

Hey Michigan – when would now be a great time to invest in you and taking care of your home? Do you have a simple tool repair kit at home to fix minor repairs at home?

Today and tomorrow are the annual Amazon Prime Days.  There are lots of tool kits on sale that can provide you and your family with the handy “go to” tool for any time you need to simply grab a hammer to hang a photo.

There are 3 tools that are essential for every home

  1. The hammer
  2. The tape measure
  3. The dual ended screwdriver

The hammer is a mighty tool around the house and has more uses than you can imagine. It’s an easy fix for anything that needs to be wedged into place. Your in home light duty hammer is perfect for hanging artwork and family photos as well as using the rear claw to pull out any old, stubborn nails in the wall.

Do you have a tape measure on hand in case you need to get an approximate size or dimension? There are so many uses for the tape measure in your household and family life! Consider the home work project that needs exact dimensions or after seeing a DIY tv show wanting to measure the closet space for possible shelves. When you have a tool kit in the house with a tape measure you will be able to proceed with ease.

The dual ended screwdriver makes convenience at your fingertips. Sometimes you need the flat end and sometimes you need the wedge or Phillips style. If you are assembling bicycles for gifts or new furniture, you are going to need a screwdriver of some type. Go ahead and make it easy on yourself and have one screwdriver with two tips to get any possible task completed with ease.

If you have been thinking of getting some tools to have around the house, now on Amazon Prime Day is the perfect time to get what you need and save money while you do it!  This link takes you to Amazon and a great tool kit  https://amzn.to/3c9I4lp

When you have a bigger construction repair or remodel for your home, please visit the REcognition YouTube channel and this blog for all things construction in Michigan!

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