Michigan summers can be hot, humid, and full of summer rain storms. The weather fluctuates from the day and the hour in the summer months. For your family to have a comfortable sleep and be rested for the day you want a cool home. What if your air conditioning unit is running constantly yet the house is tepid in temperature?

You may have an HVAC issue. Solving the cooling problem quickly will also help curb any heating problems in the winter. How? Schedule a routine maintenance check with Superior Comfort and Heating.

What happens at an HVAC service appointment?

There are a few simple steps to a basic air conditioning service call that you can expect to happen. Remember to have pets put in a safe place so the technician can work and move about the unit without distractions.

  • Inspection – your HVAC service technician will need to do a thorough inspection of the system from both inside the house and outside. This will include the thermostat, air conditioning unit, the exchange and vents. After an inspection is complete, the next step in maintenance is a cleaning.
  • Cleaning – Expect to have the filters checked, cleaned and possibly replaced.  Proper air flow is key to the HVAC system running at optimum output for both heating and cooling. The duct work will be inspected and any repairs noted and blockages removed.  The HVAC system will need to have the condenser coil, the fan blades in your outdoor AC unit, and your indoor air blower cleaned and free of any debris.
  • Solve Any Issues –  A routine maintenance appointment could be simple to solve an issue or it can uncover the reason a unit is not working properly and you are not getting enough cool air into your home. If there is an electrical malfunction that is causing the unit to run poorly, a second follow up service call could be required for parts. If the thermostat is the reason for the air not being cooled, a replacement may be installed. If nothing major is wrong, and a simple tune up is all that is needed to optimize the cooling then the appointment will be concluded.

Your HVAC system appointment comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee when you work with Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling. They are based in Flat Rock yet service all of the Downriver area, including Brownstown. When would now be a good time to have the complex system of heating and cooling for your home, inspected, cleaned and maintained? If not now, when? It’s better to have regular maintenance rather than wait til something breaks or an emergency. Its easy to get started, simple call (734) 818-7141 or visit them on the web: https://superiorcomforthvac.com/heating-and-cooling-in-brownstown-michigan/

You’ll get superior service and a comfortable price!

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