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Common Causes for a Roof Leak in Troy Michigan

There are a number of reasons that your roof could be leaking. This could be related to structural damage, environmental damage, or any number of things in between. The most common causes for roofing leaks have been compiled below, along with ideas as to what could help solve the problems. When you experience a roof leak it’s important to get roof repair in Troy Michigan as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your home. Allowing a roof leak to remain on your home can lead to structural damage, mold growth, and more. Be sure to always have a qualified roofing contractor check and repair your roof if you have a roof leak.

Common Causes for a Roof Leak in Troy Michigan

Most roof leaks will occur because of a problem on your roof. This can be a loose shingle, aging shingles, or more. In any case, these problems are amplified when there is high winds or a storm in the area. While most roofing can perform during normal weather, in cases of extreme weather, your roofing will likely be put to the test and if there is a problem, it can result in a roof leak. Here are some of the more common causes for a roof leak in Troy Michigan:

Common Causes for a Roof Leak in Troy Michigan


  1. Age – An old roof is just simply more susceptible to wear and tear. This already worn roof is not able to withstand the elements like it once did. Regular roof maintenance can benefit your roof, however, and extend its life. Often the routine checks and maintenance can locate problem areas which can be repaired to prolong the lifetime of your roof as well as decrease the chance of leaks. Re-shingling or replacing membranes can restore the quality of the roof for years to come.
  2. Debris piles – If you think the piles of leaves on your roof can’t possibly cause problems, you are wrong. Many experts would agree that these piles are nowhere near harmless as you think. Leaf piles tend to collect moisture, which could be detrimental to your roof, as any building material is fragile to extended exposure to moisture. Because the leaves will also begin to decompose, this fosters an entirely worsening condition for the roof. It is important to remove leaves that begin to collect on your roof or hire professionals to do it for you.
  3. Clogged gutters – A clogged gutter system is never a good thing for your home. If you have plant matter or other debris caught in the gutters, your drainage system will not function properly. This could not only cause excess water to pour over the sides of your gutters, potentially damaging them, but it could also could cause water to pool in areas of your roof, weakening them and potentially causing leaks. Not only can this affect your roof, but you also run the risk of allowing the excess runoff to damage your foundation and ruin any landscaping you have beneath the gutters. It is important to schedule regular maintenance of your gutter system to ensure that your roof and home is not exposed to excess water that could cause extensive damages.
  4. Incorrect material – Your specific roof may require a particular roofing material due to the slope or design of the roof. This is important because some installation or materials may be chosen to prevent them from flying off in the wind. Additionally, certain roofing material may be chosen to facilitate in draining the water from the roof. A flat roof with asphalt shingles is almost certain to have shingles blow off in a storm, while a sloped roof is far more suited to having asphalt shingles. Making sure that your roof and any repairs made use the proper materials can prevent future damages, including leaks.

Whatever the reason for a roofing leak, most are preventable with the proper care and maintenance. Be sure to work out a maintenance plan and perhaps hire a professional to routinely check your roof and gutters to prolong the life of your roof and to protect your home. Be sure to call Troy Roofing Pros today if you suspect there is a problem with your home’s roof in Troy Michigan. They also offer free estimates on roofing projects. Call now at 248-509-8015 for details.

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