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Do You Dare DiY Siding Repair – Ask Michigan Siding Pros First!

Do you see a crack in your vinyl siding? Is there wear and tear or severe weather damage? How about were the kids playing and a rock flew up and hit the house and caused some damage – that’s life, it happens!


If your vinyl siding is making noise, you may need some repair.  If your vinyl siding is starting to warp or melt then it is in need of repair and you really need the expertise of a vinyl siding professional.

Before you start an at home diy project to fix the vinyl siding damage yourself -do a quick call for an estimate appointment with the licensed, bonded, insured vinyl siding technicians at Michigan Siding Pros.

When you do your own fix, it could violate your warranty and cause more damage while not fixing the problem. This opens up the house to possible leaks, mold growth and more damage.

Before any of that happens, won’t you contact Michigan Siding Pros today?
You’ll have peace of mind and be glad you did!

Call (734) 407-7110 or visit them on the web at:



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