ErrandBuddi is a whole new concept that allows people to find jobs in their community, helping other people do errands for a great price. Whether they need to have their dog walked, some cleaning services or even home-cooked meals, you can ask for and find just about anything there.

The service offered by ErrandBuddi is an errand running service part of the share economy that’s sweeping the entire world right now, with services like Uber, Airbnb, Couchsurfing and much, much more. Like those other services, it allows people to find what they want to do, at the price they want to do it and in return, help the community they’re a part of.

The website works amazingly well, it’s easy to get started and post or find the jobs you want to do or get done. They don’t take a percentage from what you earn doing the errand; there’s only an affordable monthly subscription you’ll need to pay in order to have access to lots of great errands in your vicinity.

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