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Why Have Service Calls Scheduled for Home HVAC and Furnaces?

There are many ways that seasonal weather in Michigan can impact your home heating and cooling. There are large swings in temperature to deal with that can cause the HVAC to work harder in the summer. Then in the snow filled winter weather your heating furnace can run all day and all night putting a strain on the resource.

How do you maximize the energy efficiency of your furnace and HVAC unit? Maintenance is the simple answer.  There are many ways that establishing a great working relationship with a local heating and cooling business can benefit your overall budget for energy use and adding longevity to your furnace.

When Should You Service HVAC and Furnace Units?

Every 6 months is a good schedule to keep for having a simple inspection and possible maintenance done on your HVAC unit and furnace. There is another benefit of having the same business service your home heating and cooling. The regular maintenance provides an opportunity to check the thermostat functions. Or to check for carbon monoxide and install a detector if there isn’t already one in your home.

Air quality assessments and improvements are more accurate when you regularly have your furnace and HVAC unit serviced. Filters need to be changed often. There are many levels of air purification that can be achieved using filters and the professional service technicians at Superior Comfort Heating and Cooling can help you select the right filter for your family’s needs.

When it comes to installing a new thermostat, or carbon monoxide tester, or installing a new HVAC or furnace system, don’t let the cost keep you from maintaining your home. For the safety and comfort of your family, financing is available if you need it. Before you delay repair when noticing that the warm air isn’t as warm as it used to be. Or your insulation is old and worn and it lets heated air escape and waste energy – consider financing the repair.

In Downriver Michigan, you can trust the licensed, bonded, insured professionals that make up the team at Superior Comfort. As a business, they are rated #1 in customer satisfaction for service.  It is a family owned business that has been in the greater Downriver area of Michigan for a long time. The team knows the weather and terrain of Michigan very well.

When you work with Superior Comfort HVAC, you are guaranteed superior service at a comfortable price!

So don’t delay! Get started today with a phone call to Superior Comfort to schedule a maintenance inspection.

Call (734) 818 – 7141 or visit on the web using the link below:


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