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Heating & Cooling in Grosse Ile Michigan is easy with Superior Comfort HVAC

Heating and cooling in Grosse Ile Michigan has never been easier when you work with Superior Comfort HVAC. Do you know if your house or commercial building has the same unit for both your heating and cooling needs? Or is there a separate unit for each need in the living space?

Your systems need maintenance whether it is a hot or cold season. Whether you have one system in the house or a dual system it may have¬† need for maintenance. Semi annual is best though all systems benefit from a thorough annual maintenance check up.They don’t say an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure for nothin’!

Here’s how to be conscious of what your systems need in the way of the maintenance:

1. Air filters checked and replaced if needed

2. HVAC inspections for coolant levels and filling

3. Indoor air quality check – be sure and ask about any known allergens found in the filter

4. Carbon monoxide detection

5. Thermostat calibration and setting

If you can do it yourself, great – if not, trust the pros with 20 years of service in Grosse Ile serving all of the Downriver area, Superior Comfort Heating & Cooling. All of the team are licensed and bonded professionals with years of on the job experience. Getting started is easy and affordable because all jobs get a complimentary estimate of work needed. If you maintain an annual inspection and service call of the house and commercial building you reduce the amount of major repair to the HVAC system.

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! To get started now with heating and cooling service for your home, call (734) 818 – 7141 to schedule an appointment or visit Superior Comfort HVAC on the web https://superiorcomforthvac.com/heating-and-cooling-grosse-ile-mi/

Get started today to spare yourself a broken system in the middle of a storm!



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