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Here’s What You Need To Ask Your Vinyl Siding Contractor in Plymouth Michigan

Here’s What You Need To Ask Your Vinyl Siding Contractor in Plymouth Michigan

Vinyl siding is a beautiful siding that can boost your homes curb appeal while bringing plenty of great benefits along with it, but when you’re choosing the contractor to install your vinyl siding, things can get messy if you don’t know what to ask them. Whenever you pay a siding contractor in Plymouth Michigan to do a job like installing your vinyl siding, of course you want it done professionally so you won’t have any further issues in the future caused by improper installations but sometimes hiring the right siding contractor can be a tough task, that’s why asking questions to know whether your siding contractor is professional or not is crucial.

Here’s What You Need To Ask Your Vinyl Siding Contractor in Plymouth Michigan

There’s plenty of questions to ask, but there’s questions that are prioritized as they’ll give you the best results in knowing if your siding contractor is fit to do your siding job for you or not. Before asking any questions though, ask yourself if it seems sketchy, if it does or if you have a bad feeling in your gut, then it’s best to move on. Don’t ignore your instinct that this person may not be the best person to work on your siding for you, as your gut is more than likely right. Then after you’ve established that, you can start with the questioning.

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Do You Have Proof Of Insurance?

This is the biggest thing about asking questions, knowing if they have insurance. Typically many homeowners overthink this question as it’s not often asked, but it’s very important to know if they have insurance as if they hurt themselves, you could be held liable for that if they don’t have liability insurance. Or if they damage your house in the process of installing your vinyl siding, you could end up having to pay out of pocket to repair the damages if they don’t have any insurance.

How Long Have You Been Doing Vinyl Siding Installations?

When you hire a professional siding contractor, you obviously want them to have the experience and skills needed to install vinyl siding for your home. If they’re new to installing vinyl siding, then there’s a chance you could run into errors in your vinyl siding and find constant problems as vinyl siding is easily installed, but still need to be installed properly or it’ll show plenty of problems. If they’ve been doing vinyl siding for a long time, then you should be good on this question.

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Do You Have An Office I Could Visit?

One of the bigger scams that happens is contractors who don’t actually install vinyl siding will go to your home after big storms and try to sell you services that won’t be fulfilled. Asking if they have an office you can visit would grant you the ease of mind that they aren’t trying to scam you. But, make sure that it isn’t a PO box as this is common for scammers.

Do You Have A License To Install Vinyl Siding?

Hiring a professional vinyl siding contractor can be sketchy, especially if they don’t have a license to perform this service. Ask them if they have a license to do this job and if they do, ask to see it. If they don’t, then they’re not fit for this service and you may want to just move on because without a license, they most likely don’t have insurance, an office, or any of that.

Can I Visit Any Past Jobs?

A siding contractor that is confident with his work will typically let you know the past jobs that he has done so you can visit them and see what the job looks like, if they disregard this, then they’ve most like not done any past jobs or they’ve done them very poorly so they don’t want you visiting them.

Hiring a siding contractor can be a scary experience without the correct knowledge, so that’s why it’s always best to ask questions. A professional who knows they’re professional will never get mad at you asking them questions as they know it’s important to have the homeowners trust, so don’t feel like you’re stepping out of line to make sure your home is in safe hands with the siding contractor you choose to hire.

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