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Roofing Contractors in Michigan – Why Do You Need to Schedule Annual Roof Inspection with All Point Construction

Canton MI Roofer

Your roof needs an annual inspection and it’s worth your time to put it on the calendar and have a licensed, bonded, insured professional from All Point come to your home and business building for a multi-point roof inspection!

Why would you set an appointment on your calendar in the Spring or Fall for an annual inspection on the roof? Especially when you first look at the roof there appears to be no damage?

Because by time you see a water mark on the ceiling or wall, the damage is more severe than if a loose shingle was discovered during an annual inspection.  The severe weather of Michigan along with vermin can cause a shingle to become lose and you wouldn’t know at first glance that a small leak has started.

You can expect an interior roof inspection to include checking the attic for proper insulation, ventilation, any signs of moisture and mold. The interior inspection will also include looking for vermin droppings or chewing marks and access points.

An exterior inspection will include having a roofing contractor climb up on the roof and check for leaks, proper flashing, as well as the condition of your shingles and chimney.

Don’t wait til it’s too late and severe damage has happened. Contact the trusted certified roofing professionals at All Point Construction.

Call (734) 548 0 9911 or visit them on the web at ;


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