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Seattle Engagement Photographer – ijphoto

Seattle Engagement Photographer – ijphoto

Irene Jones has been a professional photographer for over a decade. Starting her journey with an amateur camera that was always out of focus, as she puts it, Irene has become quite the star in the industry, especially when it comes to professional engagement photography services. As a Seattle engagement photographer and portrait photographer, Irene Jones has established herself as an authority in the field and her work is sought after by many clients year-round. So visit her website in order to book her services right away – otherwise you risk not getting her and having to settle for more amateur work.

Why Should You Use a Professional Seattle Engagement Photographer, like Irene?

For starters, you always need to find a good balance between quality and price – and Irene is the best example when it comes to this. Her affordable prices underline not a lack of quality, but dedication and love towards her work. And she really is amazing at it. Just visit her website from where you can check out her portfolio. There you’ll see not just pictures of people, but stories unfolding and represented through photographs using wonderful light, the perfect angles and capturing those amazing moments that make your engagement the huge event it is.


Irene has a unique way of approaching her client’s needs. For starters, she wants to learn as much as she can about them as to be able to offer them her very best. And location is at the top of the list. After listening to her clients, she sets out and finds the perfect spot. When she thinks she found it, Irene will send over pictures of the location and have her clients decide whether they’ll stick with it. From there, the time of day has to be decided. Each location is unique in the way light hits it, the angles it offers the photographer and the kind of pictures that can be taken there. Once a good time of day has been set, Irene will move on to create a Pinterest board with clothing options for her clients. It’s important that the look you’re going for fits into the scene well.

As soon as every single detail is set, then the photo shoot can actually begin. It’s a lengthy process, often taking more than 2 weeks prior to the actual shoot – but it’s well-worth the time, knowing that you’ll end up with exceptionally clear, personalized and wonderful images. This Seattle engagement photographer knows her stuff and you’ll be amazed at the results she can come up with and her sheer dedication to her trade. As a very versatile professional photographer, Irene can include other people in your photo, even kids. She knows how to keep everybody in check so that she gets that magical shot that will last for ages, reminding you of that faithful day when you decided to say yes.

So visit her website and read more about her process here. And remember that you should book her right away – her renowned services keep her pretty busy year-round!

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