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The 8 Steps of Roof Installation for Wyandotte Michigan Homes

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Is your Wyandotte, MI home ready for a new roof installation? Every 15-30 years, homes need to have a new roof with all-new shingles installed. This is important to maintain the security, energy-efficiency, and integrity of the home. Not to mention, a good opportunity to take a look ‘under the hood’ at your beams and underlayment. However, many homeowners are experiencing a roof installation for the very first time.

It’s normal to be unfamiliar with the roof installation process, but don’t worry. Having your roof reinstalled is surprisingly easy. Let’s take a look step-by-step on how to handle roof installation for Wyandotte Michigan homes.

The 8 Steps of Roof Installation for Wyandotte Michigan Homes

1) Roof Inspection and Report

The first step is to get your roof inspected. Michigan homeowners often get an annual roof inspection in the fall, after storms, or every few years. When your roof inspector tells you that your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan, it’s time to start planning for new roof installation. This is also true if your roof inspector reports enough damage that a new roof installation is more economical than repairing the old roof.

3) Make Decisions About Your New Roof Design

Once you know it’s time for a new roof, you’ll want to make some decisions. Do you want a roof nearly identical to your old one or would you like to make changes? Now is your change to upgrade your shingles, change the roof color, or even add/improve your roof features. Roof reinstallation is the right time to add a skylight, for example, or perform serious chimney repairs, while your roof is already under construction. You can choose to use sturdier architectural shingles, or even switch to shake or tile instead.

3) Schedule Roof Installation in Spring or Summer

Roof installation in Michigan can only happen during the Spring and Summer, when the weather is warm and clear. So you’ll want to schedule your new roof installation for the next warm season on the calendar. Summer is the busy season for roofers, so try to schedule as many months ahead as possible to get a good time slot.

4) Prepare Your Home for Roof Installation

When the day of your roof installation approaches, it’s time to prepare your house for the work. Clear the area around your roof by removing items from the yard and patio and moving your cars out  of the driveway. Take down anything hanging on your walls (roofing shakes the house) and put away delicate items on shelves. Clear the attic or throw a dust-cover over items in your attic. Finally, make sure there’s a power outlet available for the roofers outdoors or just inside the house.

5) Meet and Talk to Your Roofing Team

Before your roofing begins, be sure to meet and talk with the team. Say hello and consult with the team leader on what to expect from the service. They will tell you how many hours or days the roofing work will require and anything else that you’ll need to know. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or to write down the answers.

6) Make Plans During Roof Installation

Roofing is noisy and shakes the house. A full roof installation usually takes between two days and a week to complete. You don’t have to move out of the house while the roof is installed, but children and pets should be kept indoors or boarded elsewhere for their safety. Many homeowners choose to make alternate residential plans like a small family vacation during the roofing. Or you can simply plan to be out of the house during daylight hours when your roofers are at work.

7) Finalize With Your Roofers

Once the installation is done, meet with your roofers again to finalize the service. Listen to your roofers if they have a report or advice to give about your new roof. Take note of the roof’s approximate lifespan and when your next roofing reinstallation should be. Take note of maintenance tips like inspection regularity and annual care. Lastly, receive your invoice and settle the bill.

8) Enjoy Your Brand New Roof

When your Wyandotte MI home has a brand new roof and the entire project has been pristinely cleaned in its wake, you are ready to enjoy your home once more. Admire the clean lines and fresh new color of your roof and enjoy a well-insulated and protected home for several decades into the future.

Does your Wyandotte Michigan home need a new roof installation? You can count on Downriver Roofers to do it right. As a local roofing team, we understand the needs of Downriver homeowners and will provide you with the best quality roofing according to Michigan’s high standards for roof quality and integrity. Contact us today for your initial roof inspection and consultation.

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