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What to Do if you Have Storm Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan

What to Do if you Have Storm Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan

No matter how much you may try to prevent it, your home is never going to be completely protected from storms and storm damage in Ann Arbor Michigan. You can help limit damage and prepare for the aftermath, but storms can occur anywhere, even if it is only once a blue moon. Every homeowner needs to know how to identify storm damage and what to do about it to better protect their home. And more importantly, what you should do if you have storm damage or water damage in your home in Ann Arbor Michigan.

What to Do if you Have Storm Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan

With the recent storms that have came through the area, the possibility of getting storm damage or water damage on your home is very possible. Water damage can occur in your home quickly and if it’s not dealt with promptly it can cause even more damage. Getting the water dried as quickly as possible is important and sometimes you’ll need to hire a storm damage restoration contractor to help. If you have storm damage on your home here are some steps you should take:

Storm Damage Ann Arbor MI

Common Signs of Storm Damage

Hail, rain and strong winds are some of the most common storm features seen around the United States. They can be mild, or can leave your home with a drastic amount of damage. From hail, you can often see impact damage, which can grow in severity depending on the size of the hail falling. Dents can be seen, as well as cracks, especially in shingles. Shingles can even be bruised and lose granules, making them far weaker than before the hail hit.

Storm winds can blow debris into your home, as well as remove parts from it. That can cause impact damage, as well as cause siding, shutters, and parts of your roof to become loose. This can allow a perfect spot for moisture to get in and damage your home.  High winds can also damage roofing especially if the roofing is older than 10 years old.

Signs of Storm Damage You May Not Be Considering

Not all the damage from storms is going to be as obvious as dents or missing parts. In fact, the worst part of storm damage comes when the problem is not repaired quickly. This can include mold and structural damage from leaks that have formed through moisture getting in, along with shock and fire hazards. You can end up very sick, injured, or even dead if you do not address the damage as soon as possible.

Water Damage in Ann Arbor Michigan

Ways to Better Prevent Storm Damage

You should first know the common storms in your area when planning on how to prevent storms. There are some basic things you can do to prevent damage to your home from any issue, such as heavier and thicker materials. For example, metal roofs can handle impacts better than shingles, and slate is much harder to blow away. Insulated vinyl siding is also a good option because it better withstands impacts and is heavier than the standard vinyl siding. You can also consider vapor barriers, flashings, and keeping nearby trees trimmed far back from your home.

Why You Should Have Insurance

You should always have homeowner’s insurance to protect your home and everything in it. Storm damage is just one issue among many homeowners need to worry about and without insurance, you can end up paying to both fix your home’s damage and anything inside that was damaged as a result. Insurance companies will be able to help you cover the costs, minis a relatively small deductible, as well as provide you with any suggestions to limit damage in the future. If you live in an area where certain storms are common, such as Florida, you may have to pay more to be protected for specific types of storms, but it is worth the extra money to protect your home in the long term.

Call a Home Restoration Contractor

If your home has been affected by water damage or storm damage it’s always best to first call a home restoration contractor. At A2 Restoration they can help you get your home back to normal quickly with powerful drying tools and more. Call them today at 734-548-9920 for a free estimate on water damage or storm damage repair in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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