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Why You May Need Water Heater Service in Ann Arbor Michigan

Why You May Need Water Heater Service in Ann Arbor Michigan

It’s bound to happen after a while and when it does knowing what to do is a must so you don’t need to suffer through cold showers on those frigid Michigan mornings. I’m talking about your water heater and it having problems. Since most water heaters are only designed to last about a decade, after that they can start to have a multitude of problems and when they do it’s best to know what exactly you should do about it. Calling a plumber in Ann Arbor Michigan for water heater service when there is a problem is a given but not all water heater problems are obvious such as ‘no hot water’. Here are some tips to help you determine if you need service on your water heater.

Why You May Need Water Heater Service in Ann Arbor Michigan

The main function of the water heater in your home is to provide hot water when needed. This hot water should not ‘run out’ or be luke warm. Instead, a properly working water heater should be able to provide ample hot water for your home in every location where hot water is accessible. While some home owners will get accustomed to only having a certain amount of hot water, it should not be that way. Instead, if you don’t have hot water when you need it, then there’s likely some sort of problem. Here are some problems with your water heater that you should be aware of:

Water Heater Service Ann Arbor MI

Your Water is Just Too Small

For most of us, we plan on staying in our homes for many years. We have kids, and those kids grow up, etc… When only a few people live in a home the water heater may be large enough to handle all the hot water they may need. But when the family gets larger and more and more hot water is needed, the water may simply be too small to accommodate the entire family. Keep in mind, that it’s not just showers that use hot water. But also you’ll need to count for extra clothes washing, dishwasher use, etc. Sometimes it’s best to upgrade your water heater to a larger model and it may also save energy by doing so.

Your Water Heater is Leaking Water

One huge problem that can happen to your water heater is it will leak water. A leaking water heater will usually function just fine and continue to provide hot water to the home. But the leak may get larger and larger. Not only that but as the water is leaking into your home it can be causing all sorts of water damage in your home. And if the water leak continues for some time it can also cause mold growth in your home. Even while the water heater continues to provide hot water although it would need immediate service to repair the leak.

Your Water Heater Uses Too Much Energy

The older your water heater is the more energy it likely uses. But just because the water heater is newer doesn’t mean it won’t use too much energy. When the insulation in a water heater gets saturated by water it can fall down and not provide the insulating factor it needs. This will cause the water heater to continually come on to reheat the water which will cause it to use far more energy. Other problems include leaks which allow the water to drain into a drain pan which may not cause water damage in the home but will continually introduce cold water into the water tank causing the water heater to come on more and more.

Always Use a Qualified Plumber for Water Heater Service

Always Use a Qualified Plumber for Water Heater Service

Having a problem with your water heater can be quite frustrating. This is especially true on cold mornings when you need hot water. But while it may seem like a good idea to make repairs to your water heater yourself, it can not only be very dangerous but also cause even more problems. Instead, call a qualified plumber such as A2 Plumbers to service or replace your water heater. You can get speedy service and know that the repairs are done right. Call them today at (734) 291-0258 for water heater service in Ann Arbor Michigan.

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