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Windows Michigan – What You Need To Know About Replacing Windows

When you are in your home and experience a whistling noise from the window where there is a gap in the seals from age and use – you may need to replace the window.


A worn window seal is common in older wood windows that also have difficulty opening and shutting as well as locking the window – this, is a sign that you need to replace the window.

You may also notice that no matter what the thermostat is set at, you still feel cold in the room. This could be due to the wear on the window. You are losing both your energy and money when a leaky worn window stays in place.

If you are looking to start a window replacement project you can start by choosing the style and design of the new window. It’s a simple upgrade for curb appeal of your home by installing new windows. When you work with Windows Michigan you are working with experienced contractors in window design as well as neighborhood style to enhance your home and curb the energy loss.

It’s important for you to notice the energy star rating of the new window you are selecting. Chances are that in an older home, the windows are pre-energy star rating and won’t have a value set for the window components and ability to conserve.  In Michigan, you are looking for a highly insulating window that makes make them energy-efficient windows and ideal for cold and mixed climates.


You can get started today in the Southgate Michigan area by setting up an inspection appointment for a free detailed written estimate of what replacing windows in your home will cost.

When you work with the licensed, bonded and insured professionals at Windows Michigan you can trust you are getting the best.

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