Say you want to go ahead and buy a smaller place – or want to go traveling, but don’t want to leave certain belongings at home. Better yet, you want to rent out your home – but what do you do with all your personal stuff you need to take out of it in order to make room for the new renters? Now, if you live in Newark, you have a great, affordable and safe option: the Wright at Newark Self Storage facilities.

Why Wright at Newark Self Storage?

Their facilities are modern, because they’re newly built and up to all the latest standards concerning security, storage conditions and monitoring. Whatever you decide you leave there, you’ll know you’ll find it safely stored away whenever you get back. What’s more, the facility offers 24 hours surveillance, individual and unique locks for each storage unit, and plenty of cameras and on-site personnel, along with smoke detectors and fire alarms. But there’s more to it – all of this comes at a great price. Book your storage facility for 3 months, and you get 1 month for free!

With trolleys and pallet trucks available on site, you won’t have to worry about the logistics when you decide to store your stuff at the Write at Newark self storage facility. So head on over to their website for a complete list of details and the latest updates (linked above).

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