How To Prolong the Lifespan of your Roofing in Canton Michigan

How To Prolong the Lifespan of your Roofing in Canton Michigan

Many homeowners want their roof to live a long and healthy life, but there is steps you should take to prolong the lifespan of your roof. Your homes roof needs to be well maintained regularly and properly repaired if you want it to live a long life, neglecting maintenance for your roof can certainly shorten its lifespan drastically. Typically the average lifespan of roofs differs from materials, the most commonly used roofing material in Canton Michigan is Asphalt shingles. This roofing material typically lasts around 20 years before it needs to be replaced.

How To Prolong the Lifespan of your Roofing in Canton Michigan

If you want to prolong the lifespan of your roof, then you’ll want to keep it well maintained and have regular inspections done, if there’s any mishaps that go unseen, it could become worse over time to the point where a whole new roof replacement may need to be done. Not everyone is brave enough to go up on their homes roof and inspect their roof though as it is a pretty dangerous task, so it’s usually best to hire a professional for regular inspections to ensure everything is proper on your homes roof. We’ll take a look at some tips to help you prolong your roofs lifespan.

How To Prolong the Lifespan of your Roofing in Canton Michigan

  • Keeping it Clean

Your roof should be clean and free of any types of debris that could potentially sit on top of it. Debris can hold moisture and pools of water on your roof, making it easier for it to become water damaged and perhaps even start leaking. If you notice debris or anything on your roof, it’s best to have it cleaned off. This is a very risky task as it’s very dangerous to many homeowners, so you should hire a professional roofing expert to come out and tackle the job for you to ensure your safety. 

  • Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Regular inspections and maintenance will certainly prolong the life of your homes roof, whenever there’s an issue with your roof such as a leak, it can turn into a major issue and cause a lot of strain on your roof. Having problems repaired quickly will help prolong the lifespan of your roof, without proper maintenance, the lifespan of your roof will be drastically shortened. It’s wise to hire a local professional roofing expert to regularly inspect your roof for any types of damages that’s been done as some damages can be left unseen to unprofessional roofers. Having a professional taking a look will ensure they’re looking in any detail of your roof for any issues that have occurred. 

  • Removing Tree Branches

Trees can certainly boost your homes curb appeal and actually help your roof by shading it, however tree branches that hang over your roof can be a concern. If a tree branch is hanging above your roof, there’s a chance it could fall and damage your roof, leading to a leak or worse. If branches scrape along your roof, this could cause leaves and twigs to fill your gutters, clogging them up regularly and it could also cause wear and tear on your roofs shingles. This can make your roofs shingles more weak and prone to ripping off or breaking, allowing water to seep underneath them. 

  • Clean Your Gutters

Gutters allow water to flow into a downspout away from your home instead of allowing it to fall on the exterior of your home. Keeping your gutters clean of debris will help with keeping water off of your roof. If your gutters aren’t getting maintenance regularly, then a lot of problems can occur. Water damage could start leaking into your home and growing mold which can be a health risk if you breathe it in. If you notice your gutters are clogged up, then cleaning them out will certainly give your homes roof more life.

Every homeowner should know how important regular maintenance for their roof is, since it is protecting you and your home from harsh elements and weather all throughout the year. So if you keep it well taken care of, you’ll definitely see it lasting a lot longer than if you were to neglect it. Problems left unattended can always get worse and potentially cause you to have your whole roof replaced instead of just a repair done in the first place. Be sure to call a trusted roofing contractor such as Twelve Oaks Roofing if you have any roofing issues on your home. They offer free quotes on any roofing service. Call today at (248) 525-6950 for more details.

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