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Landscaping Services | Cutting Edge | Downriver Michigan

Landscaping services in Downriver Michigan can be found at Cutting Edge. The leaders in the area of award winning landscape design and service. When you need a helping hand with your lawn care, look to the professionals at Cutting Edge.

What landscaping services with Cutting Edge include:

  • Mulching
  • Sod installation
  • Decorative rock design and installation
  • Lawn care and trimming
  • Drains installed and maintained to bring water run off away from the house foundation
  • Shrubbery planting, trimming and maintenance
  • Retaining walls for design shape and irrigation conservation of water

In the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons your lawn and landscape become outdoor living spaces for you to enjoy. Having a well maintained and designed landscape can improve your property’s curb appeal. There can be more enjoyment in your outdoor landscape design when it is filled with flowers, shrubs and complimentary trees to provide shade and wild life habitat.  Cutting Edge works with you to design the landscape you would like to see from your home windows as well as what you would like to enjoy when outside in your lawn.

Once a professional landscape design is installed the maintenance can be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly depending on the design and your budget. Cutting Edge has services in all ranges of budget to provide you with the best service possible to meet your landscaping needs while also staying in your financial window for service.

When the Winter season arrives and the snowfall is heavy, Cutting Edge provides snow removal service for your landscaping. The Fall season is a time to have your lawn mulched and smaller annual plants removed. The lawn trimmed short and ready for the harsh winter weather. A heavy snow fall can provide moisture for the mulched lawn and enhance grass growth in the spring time.

Getting started with Cutting Edge is easy. When you are ready, simply call and make an appointment to have your landscape needs assessed and a service plan begin. You can choose from a one time lawn clean up or schedule maintenance as it fits in your schedule and budget.

Working with Cutting Edge is simple and affordable. To get started, call (734) 787-7157 or visit on the web at:



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