Noises Which Mean You Need Furnace Repair in Downriver Michigan

Noises Which Mean You Need Furnace Repair in Downriver Michigan

Keeping your home warm and comfortable during those cold Michigan nights is a must. But sometimes it can be quite a spooky situation when your furnace decides to make all sorts of weird and strange noises. While these noises may make you think a ghost is around, it’s likely some component on the furnace in your home failing. Here are some common noises that you may hear from your home’s furnace which means you’ll likely need furnace repair in Downriver Michigan.

Noises Which Mean You Need Furnace Repair in Downriver Michigan

When temperatures are still mild outside is the perfect time to have your furnace serviced by a qualified technician. Many times a routine maintenance inspection on the system can find and repair most of these problems quickly. This can also mean you don’t have any down time when it comes to your furnace which can really make a difference once the cold weather really sets in. Regular maintenance on your HVAC or furnace can ensure it will last a long time and prevent problems from occurring. However, some of these noises may be heard even though you have properly maintained your system but it’s much less likely. With that being said, here are some noises you should be concerned with when it comes to your home’s furnace or heating system.

Downriver MI Furnace Repair

Loud Scrapping Sound When Fans are Running

If you hear a sound coming from your system that sounds like a loud scrap then it’s likely a fan or blower blade that is striking the enclosure. This can be causes by a variety of things that have gone wrong. Broken mounts or mounts that have rusted into are common and cause the fan motor to shift positions which make the blades on the fan strike. Other common causes can be fan blades which are off-balance. Off-balance blades are usually blades which have broken in some way or have added weight such as a rodent or insect nests attached to them. In any case, the noise will likely not go away and you’ll need to have the furnace checked and the fan adjusted, replaced, or repaired.

High Pitched Squealing Sounds That Come and Go

Another spooky sound that you may hear coming from your home’s furnace is a loud squeaking sound that is high pitched. This is usually caused by a fan motor bearing going bad and starting to seize. Sometimes fan motors can have places to oil the bearings on the motor which are done during normal maintenance of the furnace while other motors are sealed and can not be oiled. Chances are however, if your motor is already squealing it has oil starvation and will soon fail. This will also cause the motor to use more and more energy to work causing your energy bill to go higher and higher. Call a HVAC technician out to check the system and determine if you only need oil in the motor or if it will need to be replaced.

Constant Bumping When Fans are Running

As air moves through the system it puts pressure on many of the components in the system. These components such as duct, air handlers, and shrouds can sometimes become damaged and not able to stay in place when the pressure builds in the system. This can become much like a wavering piece of metal in the system which bumps and clangs against other parts. What’s worse is that it may allow air outside the system to enter or escape which can drive up the energy usage in your home. Loud bangs when the unit first turns on may be common as these ducts and parts begin to warm up but it should not be constant. You may want to get the system checked if you hear loud bangs as well which can also be a sign of problems.

Call a Professional

When you have a problem with your heating or HVAC system it is always best to hire a professional technician to service it. Attempting to make repairs on your own furnace can be extremely dangerous. It’s best to call the professionals at Superior Comfort HVAC for routine system maintenance and any type of furnace repairs that you need. Call them at (734) 818-7141 for more details and schedule your appointment.

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