What Are The Worst Enemies of Your Roof in Plymouth Michigan?

What Are The Worst Enemies of Your Roof in Plymouth Michigan?

Your roof actually has a lot of worst enemies, these enemies should be highly considered when buying a new roof to ensure no issues will occur in time. If you have any of these things listed below, then you should consult with a professional roofer in Plymouth Michigan so that they won’t cause any issues with your roof. Your roof serves a huge purpose by protecting you and your home from harsh weather, elements, and much more all year round. So keeping your roof well cared for and properly maintained will ensure it’s in tip top shape for the remaining years of it’s life.

What Are The Worst Enemies of Your Roof in Plymouth Michigan?

Every homeowner loves the aesthetic and beauty there yard and home has, however sometimes things like trees can be an enemy to your roof believe it or not. And not every homeowner knows that, that’s why we’ve listed the most common enemies your roof has to ensure your roof is well taken care of and not being damaged in any way that poses a risk to it.

Plymouth MI Roof Damage

Overhanging Branches

As we stated earlier, trees can cause a risk to your roof if there’s branches that overhang on your roof. Whether they’re laying on your roof physically or just floating above it, they can both do there own share of damages to your roof. If there’s branches that are laying on your roof, this can cause wear and tear to your shingles, making them weaker over time and more prone to breaking or ripping off. That runs the risk of potential leaking. If they’re hanging above your roof, leaves tend to fall and clog up your gutters which can cause a lot of issues of it’s own. If the branch falls, it can also damage your roof or even puncture it, leaving your roof vulnerable to water seeping in. So if you have any branches near your roof or overhanging on it, you should consider hiring a professional to remove them before they cause any issues.

Old Shingles

Shingles don’t last forever, once they become old they will start to deteriorate, leaving them easier for water to seep through them or easier for them to rip off of your roof due to them being so weak. Regularly inspections can help keep your roof in a better shape as you’ll be able to find if your shingles are getting old, so you can replace them before any problems occur.

Algae and Moss

Let’s start with algae, if you look at your roof and see any types of dark streaks on your shingles, then algae may be growing on them. But algae can do much more than just stain your shingles, it can also cause rotting to your roofs wood and damage the structure of your home. Moss can do the same thing, it can retain water and leave your roofs wood to rot over time. If you see any of these growing on your roof, you should consult with a specialist and have them addressed and have your roof inspected as well to ensure no damage that’s unseen is spreading or causing problems.

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Missing Shingles

Shingles that have gone missing from your roof can also cause damages to your roofs wood, allowing water to seep in and cause rotting wood, or leaks. If you notice your roof has missing shingles, you should have it repaired properly to ensure your roof is doing it’s job of protecting your home. Curled shingles and cracked shingles can show the same outcome, so if you notice these issues as well, you should have them repaired.


As odd as it is, animals can cause lots of damages to your home in various ways. Animals such as squirrels and birds can nest in your gutters, leaving them to be clogged and from pools of water on the edge of your roof, this can seep underneath your roof and cause interior damage.


Roofs have plenty of enemies, so preparing your environment and having your roof regularly inspected and maintained will ensure your roof doesn’t face these issues over and over again. If you notice your roof has suffered from any of these enemies mentioned above, you should consult with a professional roofing company such as Home Pros Plymouth to have them fixed or maintained so the problems won’t grow bigger, costing you much more money in the long run. Give them a call today at (734) 548-9911.

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